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What can Higher Strength Personal Trainers do for You?

  • Higher Strength trainers push you, motivate you and support you to elevate your fitness routine and exceed your personal expectations. You won’t believe the level of results you can achieve with Higher Strength until you experience the power of exceptional personal training for yourself.

  • Higher Strength trainers hold degrees, certifications and real-world fitness training experience. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed in establishing and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

  • Our personal trainers will function as your colleague, coach and teacher as they help you achieve optimal health and fitness through a state-of-the-art complete fitness program that includes the following elements. 

Customized Planning

Our customized training plans are tailored to meet your specific goals, while maximizing results and minimizing injuries. 


Our personal training experts identify your specific fitness needs and create a plan for you to efficiently and effectively achieve your desired results.


As your coach, we ensure that you execute each exercise properly to maximize results and minimize injury. We also ensure that you do the right amount of each exercise — too little won’t bring about change, and too much will slow down your rate of improvement.

Leave the gimmicks and gym behind to reach your goals with Higher Strength. Accountability, customization, privacy, and individual guidance can get you the results you want.

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Each workout is organized and planned prior to your appointment, so that when you arrive at the studio you can start working out right away by warming up and stretching in a private fitness suite. We don’t waste time figuring out what to do next or waiting for someone to finish using an exercise machine. The entire workout session is organized from start to finish so that your time at the studio is focused on you and achieving your specific results. You come in, we focus on your workout, and you leave feeling good about your accomplishments after experiencing an effective and efficient workout.

Results Measurement

Every 6-8 weeks (depending on your program), we provide a comprehensive progress report that shows your individual progress relative to your specific health and fitness goals. During your workout sessions, we not only give you exercise-specific direction, but also explain the reasons behind our methods so you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and why.


We take pride in keeping up to speed on the latest science and technology information associated with health, exercise science and nutrition.


Most importantly, your personal trainer demands accountability. To bring real change, you need a personal fitness coach who is directly responsible for your success in the program. Your trainer demands accountability — not unkindly, but firmly — because it is necessary for success. Success is our business and we take achieving your health and fitness goals seriously. Our personal training experts plan and organize your workouts so that all you need to do is come into the studio ready to work.

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