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Mommy & Me + Pregnancy Fitness Classes | Louisville, CO

"When you learn how to take care of yourself, it can be the single most important gift you give your family...we let go of resentment from feeling overwhelmed and constantly stress." -Tricia Rich

Come join our Mommy & Me + Pregnancy Fitness Classes starting January 3rd, 2017 only at Higher Strength Fitness in Louisville, CO!

This class will be lead by Certified Personal Trainer, Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Core rehabilitation Specialist, Pre & Postnatal Holistic Health Coach, & mother of two (plus one more on the way!) Tricia Rich of Higher Strength Fitness.

Tricia's passion for helping moms make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life lead her to become an expert in her field... "By providing classes and support for moms in every stage of motherhood, women have the opportunity to have a workout and support that is flexible and safe. Our fitness program is designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during and after pregnancy."

Who This Class Is Ideal For:

Expectant Mother's

New Mother's

Mother's Looking To Get In-Shape

If you are planning on having a baby in the near future and want to know the right way to fitness train so that you can prepare your body for the best pregnancy possible, then this class is for you. Whether it’s your first child or 4th, at Higher Strength we understand that every pregnancy is different, and want the best for and your family. Learn proper breathing techniques, what exercises are safe (and which ones are not so safe) and why from our Certified Pregnancy Experts.

Guided fitness training (the right way) when you are pregnant is a must if you want an easier and shorter birth, as well as getting back to your pre-baby body faster. Learn the secrets to a shorter and easier birth through safe, proper exercises, breathing, and nutrition. Learn how to get your pre-baby body back even faster and healthier through preventative fitness and proper self-care.

If you have already had your baby, and you want to bring them with you to your workout, then this class is also ideal for you! While we do not offer childcare, we do have play-pens, mats, jonnie jumpers, and toys to help insure your precious little ones are happy and can practically workout with you or right beside you in Higher Strength's safe and child-friendly studio!

All of our fitness packages also include a FREE 1:1 Nutrition Consultation and follow-up with our Pregnancy Expert & Holistic Health Coach Tricia to make sure we are on-track to achieving all your fitness and health goals. That’s two sessions to not only ask questions, but get real answers from real mothers on how to sculpt your diet to have successful, long-term changes and sustainable results.

At Higher Strength, we want to make it easier for mothers at all stages to feel empowered to be healthy and strong. Finding time to workout is hard enough, but it’s important to remember that keeping up with your health and fitness is not just for you, it’s for your family.

Want to try out one of Tricia's Mommy & Me + Pregnancy Fitness Classes for FREE? Then click HERE to sign up today or call us at 303-926-8800 to request more information. We look forward to meeting you (and possibly your little one!) soon!

"When you learn how to take care of yourself, it can be the single most important gift you give your family...we let go of resentment from feeling overwhelmed and constantly stress."

--Tricia Rich of Higher Strength Fitness.


Learn all about what makes a local fitness studio in Louisville, Colorado the very best. Come visit us to learn more information at 159 S McCaslin Blvd, Louisville, Colorado, 80027 or give us a call at 303-926-8800. We look forward to training with you!

Want to learn more about Higher Strength Fitness and how we can help you achieve all your health and personal fitness goals in 2017? Then click this link HERE.

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